The Best Clam Rake We Have Ever Used

The Best Clam Rake We Have Ever Used

  1. No more rusty clam rakes. all parts are made of 303 Stainless Steel and have excellent corrosion resistance to salt water.
  2. You can customize the tine spacing. You assemble these clam rakes so you can choose your own tine spacing. The spaces between tines lets undersized clams clams slip between them while capturing larger clams. Set your tine spacing based on local clamming size limits or personal preference.
  3. Works like a mini-clam dredge. The tine angle and shape was designed so that clams ride up the tines and stay in the basket section of the rake - just like a miniature commercial clam dredge.
  4. Also works like a traditional clam rake. If you prefer the traditional scrape and scoop method, our rakes are great for that too.
  5. Protect your shoulders and Back from fatigue. Narrow 16ga stainless steel tines slice easily through the sand. Clam longer and go home less fatigued.

Available in three sizes:

  • Standard Clam Rake - 9" Wide
  • Jumbo Size Clam Rake - 12" Wide
  • Commercial Size Clam Rake - 18" Wide

Which size clam rake is right for you?  The most obvious factor to consider is how hard you want to work and how much time you want to spend clamming.  Our clam rakes are designed to slice through the mud and sand easier than other clam rakes - but that doesn't make clamming effortless.  Clamming, even with our rakes, requires some work.   A wider 18" rake gathers more clams but also requires more energy to pull it through the bottom.  A narrow 9" rake is easier to use but gathers fewer clams in each pass.

A factor that isn't always considered, is the hardness of the sand or mud where you clam.  In our area, the bottoms are very sandy with a little bit of mud mixed in.  It's fairly easy to pull the 5 Star Clam Rakes through this kind of sandy bottom.  A 12" or 18" rake works well here.   If your area is more mud than sand, has a lot of vegetation, or has course, crunchy material, you might want to consider a more narrow clam rake.

DIY Clam Rake Kits

Quick and easy assembly. The 16ga stainless steel tines slide onto threaded structural rods. Stainless nuts lock the tines into place. Our clam rakes ship unassembled. Shipping your clam rake unassembled saves you significant shipping costs. Package includes Series 304 Stainless Steel tines, threaded structural rods, washers, nuts, and easy instructions.

A Handle is not included. Shipping oversized items is expensive. With shipping costs rising, it is much more economical to provide a handle from your own local hardware store. Suitable handles can be made from aluminum pipe or tube, common wooden broom or tool handles, electrical conduit (EMT), etc.

Tools needed:  A drill to make two holes in the handle and two 7/16" (or adjustable) wrenches.

Assembly instructions, tine spacing guidance, and all hardware included.

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