• 5 Star Clam Rakes are made to last a lifetime. All parts are made from corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel and will never rust in salt water. Narrow 16 gauge knife-like tines slice through mud and sand much easier than traditional clam rakes. Pull your 5 star clam rake through the sand like a mini clam dredge or use the more traditional scrape-and-scoop method of harvesting clams. Lightweight, strong, and durable.

    9" Standard size clam rake has 1-1/4" tine spacing.
    12" Jumbo size clam rake has 1-5/16" tine spacing.
    18" Commercial size clam rake - has 1-3/8" tine spacing.


    The 5 Star Clam Rake really is the best clam rake we have ever used.


    Note that our clam rakes ship as a kit that you assemble. To save shipping costs for oversize packages, a handle is not included. Handles can be found at your local hardware store or metals supplier. Click here for full details.

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