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Additional Rake Tines (1 Pair)

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Build your clam rake with closer tine spacing by adding additional tines.   This item is a pair of tines to add to your rake. Also includes additional 1/4" nuts to install tines.

See the chart below for alternate tine spacing.  Check your local regulations.  Some state regulations have a minimum allowable tine spacing.


  Regular Tine Spacing One additional pair of tines Two additional pair of tines
9" Standard Rake

8 tines, 1.25" spacing

1" spacing .82" spacing

12" Jumbo Rake

10 tines, 1.31" spacing 1.09" spacing .92 inch spacing
18" Commercial Rake 14 tines, 1.38" spacing 1.20" spacing 1.06" spacing

Why Choose a 5 Star Clam Rake?

No More Rusty Clam Rakes

All parts made from 304 stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance in salt water.

Stronger, More Durable Design

Stainless steel tines are one continuous piece with the basket. Our tines are not welded to the rake frame so there are no welds to fail. Unlike other clam rake designs, our tines can not break off.

Handles mount to rake head with two attachment points to spread out the forces that break other clam rake handles.

Easier on Your Back and Shoulders

Our narrow, 16ga stainless steel tines slice easily through the sand. 5 Star Clam Rakes slice through the sand or mud, requiring 5X to 7X less work than other clam rakes. Clam longer and go home less fatigued.

Functions as a Mini Clam Dredge

The tine angle and shape were designed so that clams ride up the tines and stay in the basket section of the rake - just like a commercial clam dredge. Simply pull the rake behind you to collect your clams.

Works like a Traditional Clam Rake

If you prefer the traditional scrape and scoop method, our rakes are great for that too.